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Harben California and All American Sewer Tools operate as divisions of American Hydro-Vac Equipment Co., Inc. Our mailing address is:

Harben California

P.O. Box 16264

Irvine, CA 92623

Phone: 949-515-3481

Fax: 949-642-7745

e-mail: sales@harbencalifornia.com

In addition to Harben, Inc., American Hydro-Vac proudly distributes for these companies: Distributor for Hi-Vac, StoneAge Waterjet Tools, Shamrock Pipe Tools, UEMSI, Lansas, Hurco Technologies, Aquatech

Doug Meadows Co., Harben, Inc., Aquatech Products, Hurco Technologies, Lansas Products, Max-Life Corp., Shamrock Pipe Tools, StoneAge Waterjet Tools, Soil Surgeon, Inc., T&T Tools, Inc., and UEMSI Video Inspection Products

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